Jirón Juan del Mar y Bernedo 1228

Come gather ‘round, let’s talk the law,
From international to what you saw.
It ain’t just ‘bout the legal wife,
Or pit bulls that cause some strife.
We talk capital structure, sugar too,
And Verizon contracts, all on queue.
From Saudi marriage to Oregon’s form,
Legal golf bag and due diligence norm.
So take a seat, and let’s start the show,
‘Bout to drop some legal rhymes, yo!

First off, the international law book,
Understanding legal principles, take a look.
Then switch it up to The Legal Wife – a Tagalog tale,
Full episodes online, without fail.
Now let’s delve into those pit bull laws,
Breed-specific legislation, no flaws.
Next up, company capital structures, learn something new,
Examples aplenty, for your legal view.
And we can’t forget the international sugar agreement,
Key provisions and implications, no disparagement.

How long does Verizon’s contract last?
A legal guide to answer questions fast.
Or take a trip to learn marriage laws in Saudi Arabia,
Everything you need to know, no hysteria.
Then get your hands on a prenuptial agreement, Oregon style,
Legal contracts and agreements, make it worthwhile.
And finally, know the number of legal clubs in a golf bag,
Understanding regulations, avoid any snag.
Last but not least, due diligence in law,
Key practices and strategies, no flaw.